Bank will disburse payment after completion of registration and delivery of car to buyer


Information such as condition sheets and pictures of cars will be provided including analysis  of price range  so that buyer can have better understanding.

Buyer is liable to the payable duty should there be duty adjustment announced by customs Malaysia. 


In the event bidding is unsuccessful, RM15,000 deposit will be refunded fully.


10% downpayment is calculated as followed: for example, Toyota Alphard's final bid price is RM280K, 10% of it is RM28k. Deposit RM15k is paid upon bidding, balance payment RM13k to be made subsequently with 2 days, making a total of RM28k.

20% downpayment of purchase-car-price is applicable to sport cars and luxury cars that range beyond RM400k

Bill of lading is a document that proves the car is departing to Malaysia. It will be also provided to bank for update to the details of loan agreement.

Shipment take approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive in Klang, North Port, Malaysia. 

AP application will be processed as soon as the car has boarded ship. The car can only be transferred to showroom from custom terminal when AP is approved. 

Final payment should be made within 3 days after the car has arrived to showroom. 

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